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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Recurring Dreams

I had that recurring dream again, where I knew that I was going to drive to a certain part of the city that I’d never been to, which had great hawker food. But I wasn’t that sure that the city that I was driving through was Singapore. But recently I haven’t had that dream for a little while. For some reason, I’ve actually changed. Like I’m not a Singaporean anymore. I’m a person who “grew up in Singapore”. Like if I were to go back to Singapore, it would be possible to adapt quickly, but it will be like going back to my old school RI, and I will know that those are the halls and walls that I have walked through hundreds if not thousands of times, but it will be something both familiar and strange.

Then recently, I had another dream where I was walking around on the south side of “Mexico”, pretty near the border. It was the desert, cacti everywhere, and people lying around, drinking sangria and having siestas.

Then there was another dream where I was near that section of the Kallang River near the PIE, and it was flooded. I was waiting for a water cab, and had just had some goreng pisang. I was on the steps, waiting for it like this was Venice, when I got a call from my dad. He told me, with great sadness that somebody (Kelantan? Negri Sembilan? Perlis?) scored a goal against Singapore. It’s very strange that a person like me who’s living in the desert is dreaming of the monsoon.


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