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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Nothing really to say about Amy Cheong

There have been a lot of blog posts written recently about the Amy Cheong saga. I don’t really think I’m going to add much to this. I’m surprised at the number of blog posts about Amy Cheong.

When I think about the excitement and heat generated over the 2011 elections, it was no doubt inspiring. It was a light shining into the darkness, even though it was a great darkness that had overshadowed Singaporean life. Life has gone downhill since the mid 90s for Singaporeans: that much we can all see. But there was much to love about the 2011 elections: the advent of the new normal, the cabinet cleaned out, the PAP turning away from the old knuckle-duster approach and moving towards trying to win back the people. People coming out of the woodwork and being concerned about their fellow countrymen. And I had even envisioned that I would be getting involved in politics, even though it was going to be a backroom capacity.

But now things are different. My interest in politics has waned. The WP does not look as loveable as it used to be. For all the initial enthusiasm, the problems that Singapore has are not easily solvable. You get tired of reading the complaints that Singaporeans have about the system. Once you get past the amazement that the system seems to have changed as much as it has, once the dust settles, you will learn something that the PAP has known for a long time: governing is a hard slog, and most probably a really dull business. And as for myself, it just seems that forging ahead on my own path is right now of more importance than dealing with politics and the “new normal”.


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