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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Simple life of a Junkie

I remember reading "Trainspotting" many years ago. It was and still remains a pretty horrifying experience. One passage sticks in my mind. When people were using heroin, it was very simple. You just got yourself smacked out of your mind all the time. Or you just spent all your effort making sure that you got that fix. Life was very simple.

When you stopped using drugs, you had to think about real life and more complicated problems and a lot of people who tried quitting couldn't handle that. So they went back to using.

But sometimes I wonder, there are people out there who do nothing with their lives other than trying to earn more money or climb the corporate ladder. They're just like that smack junkie. Take them out of that situation, and ask them to live their life a different way, and they might never ever come to terms with that. On the other hand, spend your life obsessed about one thing and only one thing, and everything becomes so simple and straightforward.


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