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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Eunoia JC

I have a theory for Eunoia

During my time the top 5 JCs all had their own image.

Raffles Junior College is the JC for the Raffles gang - the anglophone go getters.

Hwa Chong JC (or whatever the fuck it's called these days) is the JC for the sinophone go-getters.

Victoria JC is the JC for the less bookish but nevertheless smart outgoing bunch.

Temasek JC is the sinophone version of Victoria JC.

National JC - well maybe somebody out there understands what their image is like. So to speak, a grey blur to me. (Pls correct me)

We don't yet have a JC that caters to the arty farty, pretentious bunch. That hipsters are to be found everywhere in art schools is a given, but there's no real JC that caters to hipsters. The closest is VJC. Now, you have Eunoia, because somebody needs to take Innova JC's mantle of the "dumbest sounding JC name". It has to be about hipsters.


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