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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Erection Fatigue

A facebook conversation that took place a few weeks ago, before the Hougang elections. I've since deleted it, but I'm posting it here so that I don't need my real name attached to it:

Sieteocho: Ppl now talking about erection fatigue. I fully sympathise.
School Friend: Well, just keep hanging in there, then.
Sieteocho: Until I'm well hung (cf lyrics to Elvis Costello’s “Accidents Will Happen”)
School Friend: But we can't go soft at a time like this, when one has to take a stand.
Sieteocho: Have to keep on pushing the hot button issues. People want to see some action.
School Friend: Even with things coming to a head, I think we're gonna be left dangling. Either way it goes, we're probably still truly shafted.
Sieteocho: In the meantime we can sit back and enjoy the oraltorical abilities of the candidates.
Sieteocho: With a more thorough vetting process than previously, we can be sure that people who stand up are carefully anal-lised.
School Friend: Is that why they call it the erections? When one goes to the poles? Where the pen is truly mightier than the sword?
School Friend: That's what we want, pole-iticians. If u gonna come, u better be full of spunk.
School Friend: Men who will won't just give lip service, but, with rod in hand, shake things up.
Sieteocho: I think the prime minister did a wonderful job of enhancing the anticipation by delaying the date.
Sieteocho: By the weekend it will become apparent who's come up on top.
School Friend: Yup, we'll see the hole picture by then. Till then, any declarations that come are just premature.
Sieteocho: We will witness the end result of people all slotting it in.
School Friend: Many in-dick-ations point to a hammer win, but with all the pap smears, you can never rule out the white guys emerging explosively from the climax this weekend.
Sieteocho: Until then they're all going to have to grit their teeth and grind it out.
Sieteocho: And walk the streets.
School Friend: Desmond comes across as a little stiff. If he's too rigid, he might cock it up.
Sieteocho: Hold it now! We're supposed to talk about sex, not politics! Do you want me to censor you?
School Friend: Now hang on here, let's not get too teste. Sex? That's a hole different ball game! Not sure I'm prepared to poke around in there with a ten-foot pole.
Sieteocho: Well if he's too stiff and rigid and runs out of ideas they can always bring the party whip in to make things interesting.
Sieteocho: Keep this conversation in line. We don't want to keep on changing the boundaries.
School Friend: Bring out the whip? That would be a masterstroke. Would that give Des the happy ending he's hoping for?
Sieteocho: It would certainly be more pleasant than a forced ejection.
Sieteocho: Or cleaning up the mess created by the forced ejection.


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