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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bumper Year

I think this might have been a bumper year for me when it comes to going back to camp. I went back to the SAF for 5 different things, as opposed to 2009, when that figure was 1, for a 1 day briefing.

1. Getting charged for not taking my IPPT for 1 year (somehow that year I didn't have any in camp training.)
2. Going to a high key ICT, where I had the chance to avoid remedial training if I passed my IPPT (I didn't)
3. Remedial training.
4. A low key ICT (rifle range actually)
5. A stupid half a day briefing only for the CEO to do his fucking peacock strut
6. An exam where we had to learn how to repair equipment.

I thought it was interesting, since it's entirely possible that for the next few years I might not have to go back to camp.



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