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Saturday, September 11, 2010


I tweeted on Facebook: have I changed my life today? Maybe that was a bit indiscreet. Because within 15 minutes Dr Old Fogey popped out of a nearby bush and asked me what I had done. I swear that he must have this feature on Facebook that I don’t know about – whenever I put up something, he has to come and talk some cock.

Luckily I have a good answer to that: in “American Beauty”, Lester Burnham said that every day, other than the day you die, is the first day of the rest of your life. It’s one line I’ve always remembered. Because it shows, just like how Lester Burnham evolved in that movie, how small changes pile up into the big ones. But then I’ve had too many years when nothing like that has taken place. Maybe ended up living a life much like Lester Burnham himself.

Anyway if I’m not wrong, I would have made my first serious attempt to leave the company. I’m pretty sure that many other people would have made more than that. It’s just that I took a route that was a little longer and more tortuous than maybe 1 job interview or 2.

The other day I watched “Heartbreaker”. Basically I was meeting up with workplace buddies past and present. We considered watching movies but ended up not watching them (lagi best because how do you conduct talk cock sessions with people in a dark cinema?). I would have wanted to watch that, I’m not sure about the rest.

Well the premise is that you had somebody whose job was to break up a couple, and he would have to do it. I guess I respected that movie for putting the moral of the story at the end rather than at the beginning. “We don’t touch happy couples. There are basically 3 types of women: happy ones, knowingly unhappy ones and the ones who think they’re happy but they’re not.”

I would recommend anybody to watch this movie. It would have been great for me to be in there with a chick, running my hand up and down her thigh while ogling Vanessa Paradis. Somebody made a comment about this movie that was true: “Romantic comedies usually screw up one of the comedy or romance”. “Heartbreaker” did both fairly well, although the comedy was better.

Vanessa Paradis – I remember when her first English album came out – she was supposedly the protégé of Lenny Kravitz. I thought that she was sexy then. Well 18 years have passed since then. Fancy that!!!

Strangely the movie reminded me of “Inception” because this was essentially a heist movie where the objective is to change a person’s mind. I had 4 free movie passes, and I spent them both on heist movies about changing peoples’ minds. (Actually this is not true. For “Inception” the theatre was full when I got there, so I just bought a ticket to another movie, and showed up in the “Inception” theatre 5 seconds before showtime and hoped nobody chased me off the seat.)

Do I need somebody like that guy in heartbreaker, to show me that there could be an alternative to my current life? Do I need somebody to give me a mirror and show me disappointments?

I watched it during a hot afternoon. There were young people all around me as I left the theatre – charming beings, just like me, leaving all the worrying about real life more towards the later part of life. But my lifestyle of late has been somewhat subterranean. Work. Study. Fret. This was not the most enjoyable time. And there is still a chance that all of it could be in vain. Still I have to keep on striving. It’s a little remarkable that my plan for leaving my company is exactly the same as it was the day I joined 8 years ago.

Still so much to be done.



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