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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I recognize and accept that a number of statements that I made on my on-line journal “Seksi Matafaka”, were defamatory of A*STAR, its Chairman, Mr. Philip Yeo and its executive officers.

I admit and acknowledge that these statements are false and completely without any foundation.

I unreservedly apologize to A*STAR, its Chairman Mr. Philip Yeo, and its executive officers for the distress and embarrassment caused to them by these statements.

I undertake not to repeat the statements, or make further statements of the same or similar effect in this or any other forum or media. I further undertake to remove any such posting anywhere that has not been deleted.

(NB: for avoidance of doubt, the above is fake notice and a homage to Acidflask.

We will remember this.

You only die once and you might as well do it in style.)


Anonymous richard said...

what happened?

12:54 AM

Blogger 7-8 said...

When it's time to go you gotta go.

1:36 AM

Blogger du5tzz said...

Why all ur entries went missing??

9:19 PM

Anonymous TuaTeoChew said...

Anyways, you may like to know I forwarded your little so-called "fake notice" to PY himself. Along with a copy of it and a google cache of it.

Have fun, little sieteocho!

11:26 PM

Anonymous melody said...

but why...? i only just witnessed one new entry since i chanced upon your writing. oh well. good luck.

8:15 PM

Blogger 7-8 said...

I'm quitting blogging and it's easier to quit when there are no entries on display.

Go ahead and let PY know about this. He put so much effort into getting acidflask to put this up, I don't think he minds that somebody actually does it of his own accord.

This is not only a homage to acidflask, it's a homage to PY too. Treat it as acidflask's and PY's wedding photo.

12:24 PM

Blogger Shingo T said...

You will be missed, bro.

11:40 PM

Anonymous acidflask's friend said...

That is so lame. Acidflask's and PY's wedding photo? Wtf are you talking about? You're just an attention whore using acidflask's good ame to get some attention to your blog.

The saddest thing is that you don't even dare to reveal who you are, but you just try to attract some virtual attention anonymously. It's not surprising you got your ass handed to you by ben.

10:13 PM

Blogger 7-8 said...

I like your sense of humour but not the way you reason.

On one hand I stop blogging, not only stop blogging but take down all my old entries. I don't even reveal who I am. Yet on the other hand I am an attention whore.

At first I didn't put Acidflask's name up there but I got so many calls from people that I had to explain myself.

I look forward to a nice and quiet retirement but some motherfucker tomorrows me.

I put this up as a memorial because I want to remind people of the unfair means by which people seek to curtail your freedom of speech.

When I call this Acidflask's and PY's wedding photo, I am saying that this incident was when their fates became intertwined, when henceforth PY became known as the guy who hates bloggers, and Acidflask the guy who pissed PY off, regardless of whether these labels are justified. I don't think anybody would argue with me on the latter point.

As for my history with ben, like Bob Dylan says, "don't criticise what you can't understand." If it was about him, I would have closed this blog 18 months ago when he started harrassing me.

10:19 AM

Blogger 7-8 said...

Oh one more thing. I'm not the only chickenshit guy around here. Seems like ben, more about him later, who was so anxious to claim the credit for doing me in (but it's like saying that the mujahedeen were responsible for the fall of the USSR) has suddenly declined to name the person he has supposedly vanquished. I wonder why that is.

10:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you really gone for good? sigh!


2:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

u are a fucker

10:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

u are a fucker

10:59 PM

Anonymous siéteocho* sucs to the core said...

siéteocho* u are a fucker

11:15 PM


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